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We Have 100,000's Of Meals Ready-to-Eat (MRE) For Instant Air Freight From Port of Tampa,Tampa Int'l Airport, & MacDill AFB For Humanitarian Relief & Gov't supply.
Master Factory Government - Humanitarian - Military - Bulk Sales Office

Civilian & Individual Orders For Standard, Halal, or Kosher Meals Are Always Welcome. Email For An Instant Quote.

Simply The Lowest Standard & Halal MRE and Ration Cost In The Industry. GUARANTEED.
Factory Direct...No Middle Man

U.S. DoD, DoS, U.N., NATO, and GSA Approved Contractor

Approved Vendor to NATO/NAMSA: XP-972 CAGE: 1YAZ9 NSN 8970-01-321-9153


About Our Company

"Established in 1994"

MRE Supply Logistics, LLC is the master factory distributor for MRE Star Standard & Halal menu MREs',

the world's finest & largest manufacturer of military & humanitarian foods.
We ARE the authority on large-scale governmental meal supply...
available in any language, fully customizable, & available private labeling.

We ARE the source for Standard & HACCP certified Halal meals & rations across the globe.
We are capable of delivering even large orders faster than anyone else.We maintain corporate offices & manufacturing facility in the U.S.
We maintain a large inventory of MRE Star standard menu & Cert. Halal MREs' in a controlled environment and can arrange for international shipping through conventional as well as unconventional means, or if required, we can deliver to fielded troops or humanitarian programs.
But don't forget that with the same attention to detail and extensive customer support base, we can deliver MRE's right to your door.
With a 5 year+ shelf life, military spec. MREs' are a worthwhile investment in your family's or organization's security and well being.

We also offer Standard & HACCP Halal MRE's, Subsistence Rations, & the only U.S. made 24hr Day Ration.

Your Source For Wholesale U.S. Grocery Products Export